Assistance to Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal

Sonada (near Darjeeling) April 30th

Despite the Covid crisis, progress keeps on.


As you know well that the second wave of Covid crisis in India is disheartening and many people are suffering due to lack of medical facilities. Lets' pray for the situation to calm down soon. Over here at Sonada settlement and Darjeeling areas the situation is better as compared to other states of India. However, we are taking full precautions more than ever in order to avoid this deadly virus.


I have been busy with working as  Settlement Gate work is still going on and will be completed by the end of May. And soon going to start another project of Settlement Clinic floor and wall renovation to be completed  by the end of May. Then hopefully we'll start working for the Settlement Sanitation project to build toilets, bathrooms, Urine pots and septic tanks which will be completed by the end of July. Currently, I am writing on Settlement office renovation project proposal and planning to redesign doors and windows into typical Tibetan traditional style. I always love Tibetan traditional  houses and monasteries. Even though we are in exile land away from our roots, still we can give a touch of our traditional style in our daily lives and where we live.

Tenzin Yangzom, T.S.O. 

Recent news... ...


Namgyal Middle School Kathmandu 26th April


I would like to inform you that our school has been shut down again as per the Nepal Government cabinet decision made earlier due to rapid spread of CORONA throughout the country.


Thus, our school had sent all the boarder students to their respective home along with their guardians and the Nepal Government has decided and announced Lockdown in the country again starting from tomorrow (Thursday) for the safety health of the public.


The classes have been already started like usual timetable by online through Zoom applications. The annual examination for the year 2020-2021 will be held on later once the Nepal Government made the announcement.


Lastly, the school administration, staffs and the students would like to extend and express our heartfelt gratitude to all the lovely sponsors from our bottom of our heart for the generous and longtime support towards our school.




Central School for Tibetans Kalimpong 23d April


« I had to close school again because of rapid rise in the number of Covid cases in Kalimpong. It’s a very scary situation in the whole country. I’m keeping safe, but I worry about others whom seem to have no fear for the virus.


The result of election ( in West Bengal) will be announced in May 2nd. We do not know who will win from the 3 hills constituencies. Unlike in the past, this election saw 8 different political parties fighting for the seats. People are so divided... »



tezu 22nd april


  « Thank you so much for your concern and appreciation for our work. Just for your kind information as of now, due to remoteness and less population in our area the second wave of covid19 pandemic yet to reach in our area as compared to mainland India.


Today I want to share a good news to you, out of 20 members in our senior citizen's home 14 got their final dose of Covi-19 vaccin  ( Covishield ) for free and also all of our office and OPH staff are vaccinated.. Remaining 6 members will be vaccinated after the due documentation process.  And we are doing our best to protect our people in the Tezu Dhargyeling Tibetan settlement from this pandemic. »



Washington DC: This week the US House of Representatives passed a resolution titled “H. Res. 697: – Affirming the significance of’ the advocacy for genuine autonomy for Tibetans in the People’s Republic of China and the work His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has done to promote global peace, harmony, and understanding.”

The Resolution, headed by Congressman Ted Yoho, states that the House of Representatives:

(1) recognizes the cultural and religious significance of a genuinely autonomous Tibet and the deep bond between the American and Tibetan people;

(2) commends the 14th Dalai Lama for his commitment to global peace and nonviolence; and

(3) determines that it would be beneficial to convene a bipartisan, bicameral forum, either through a Joint Meeting of Congress, a teleconference broadcast in the Auditorium at the Capitol Visitor Center, or roundtable, between Members of Congress and His Holiness the Dalai Lama to discuss peaceful solutions to international conflicts.

News from the Tibet Office in Katmandu,  June 15th


The Tibetan people were made aware about the nationwide lockdown declared by the government of Nepal as precautionary method to control the pandemic since 24-03-2020. The settlement offices in Nepal also decided to remain closed to follow the lockdown and staffs carried out works from respective home while lockdown is ordered. Since the partial relaxation of lockdown in recent days, staffs have begun working from respective office under the guidance from TRWO.


COVID -19 Nepal Tibetan Response Group was initially formed on 23rd March, 2020 to control the COVID-19 pandemic among the Tibetan population in Nepal. The committee members conduct virtual meeting once a week presided by kungo donchoe. Committee includes a representative of dept of home, all settlement officers, Administrator, Health Officer and Education Officer of SLF and SARD-Nepal co-ordinator, Director of TRC. During the meeting, all the settlements actively discuss the reports of their respective settlements measures made.


Weekly fever screening and sanitizing settlements are being carried out under the responsibility of Settlement offices in Pokhara (Tashiling, Tashi Palkhiel, Lodrik) and in Kathmandu (Samdupling, Choejor, Gyalsa Phaksing). General public have been notified to stay safe at their home and within the boundary of settlements except for emergency situation. Quarantine centers were also arranged in Pokhara Settlements. Similarly, relief works such as essential medical goods & mask, cash and rations are being distributed to the Tibetans of their respective settlements. The awareness campaign on the official guidelines of COVID-19 is also being made frequently to the residence timely.


Since, settlements located in remote area very far from the city area and being the nation in lockdown situation, essential things for the precautionary purposes could not be distributed to these settlements (Manang, Nubri, Tserok, Walung, Rasuwa, Solukhumbu). However, The rations were stocked for long time of almost a year usually in settlement like walung. So, People doesn’t face much shortage of rations though the lockdown was imposed. However, The Settlement officers of remote areas are giving their best to send medical supplies and funds to the concerned people to the settlements.


Fortunately, there are no symptoms of COVID-19 in Tibetan settlements in Nepal.


strict lockdown has been partially made relaxed, which allows the move of the people in and out of Nepal as well as inter districts. The government was compelled to open the lockdown due to political and economic pressure. Now it is very high risk to spread the pandemic. 




News from Kalimpong's Tibetan Settlement Officer, Ms Tenzing Dhadon on  June 11th


Tashi Delek!




We are glad to know that situation is getting better there and thank you so much for your mail concerning the situation during this pandemic crisis in our region.




As of today's data, the number of COVID-19 cases in India crossed 2.76 lakh and in West Bengal State the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases is 9328. In Kalimpong 12 new corona positive cases have been reported just now. Situation is getting worse each day but all the Tibetan residents under our jurisdiction are fine and safe. They are taking all the precautionary measures and i hope they will remain safe from this deadliest virus till this pandemic ends. Amid the pandemic outbreak, prayers, encouragements and motivations are necessity for all the human beings and we are getting connected to our general public through the whatapp (Social Network) as the gathering is not possible since March, 2020.




Our staff are taking good care of OPH elders as elderly people are at a higher risk of COVID-19 infections due to their deceased immunity. As per the guidelines issued by Department of Health, CTA, Dharamsala, immunity booster Tibetan medicines being distributed especially to OPH elders and elders above 65 years under our jurisdiction.




With this mail, i wish to inform you that CTA has launched one webpage ( ) to make accessible to the public on CTA's COVID -19 response and relief measure in Tibetan community. The above link may help you to learn situations of Tibetan public at a large.




Lastly, kindly extend my sincere thanks to Annick la and all the board members of LTDM for unwavering supports & love. May this pandemic end soon and we could meet again in near future. Till then take care and wish you all a very successful life.


News from Tsering Topgyal    "Snow Lion Foudation" kathmandu Népal.

10 mai 2020


Dear Annick Dreano la,


Greetings !


I hope you and rest of our sponsors are doing well,  without much hindrances to health due to COVID 19 pandemic.  Its been  45days of nation lock down since 24th March 2020.   I hope you and all are ensuring the best preventives measure and taking utmost care  of one self ,  same with our wonderful sponsors, whose support is always cherished by our sponsees.


Basically we are working from home without any references to look into, in case need to detail it.  Neither our schools are in full fledged opening. But arrangement are made to ensure on line classes since last two weeks , through different social media apps. The education dept  is also seeing the feasibility in remote and its coverage. The kind of social and emotional challenges is beyond our comprehension during this distress situation.


As per the news now ,Nepal Govt. is charting out plans to ease the nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of the COVID 19 in a bid to gradually restart the stalled economy by creating the modalities to ease the lockdown based on the instructed guidelines by categorizing areas based on number of cases and density of population as red , yellow and green zones  But opening of schools and colleges still needs extra care and guidelines which the government  still working . Now Nepal crossed 110 Covid-19 affected patients lately, so far no death cases.


In adherence with the govt notice and announcement,schools might resume end of May, till then need to continue with on line classes. All our children are with their respective family. The teachers are sharing their number to reach the children to know their well being and seeking  possibilities of having interactive session through net.


All old age homes / scattered Tibetans  and from settlements are under close scrutiny as per the SLF dra fted COVID 19 guidlines through concerned settlement offices ( Representatives of Tibetans offices ). So far all our communities remained unaffected pertaining to outbreak of disease.  A great deal of cautionary needs to follow where county itself has poor public health facilities .


I mailing you all to update as you all have been very considerate with gracious support and cooperation in full filing the objectives of the organization .

Thanking you so much in  unwavering supports despite global health crisis and its consequences to socio- economic conditions.


Most of our sponsor must be worried about their sponsees well being . So this is my kind information on behalf of organization , that all are settled with love and care from their family members at their respective places.  


Heart felt gratitude to you all.


Please Stay Safe !


With Warmest Regards