Origins of the association

Founded in February 1990, the association "Le Toit du Monde" aims at providing humanitarian, educational and cultural assistance to Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal.

Initiated by Annick Dréano, Chairman, Le Toit du Monde was at once concerned by the threat over this country and its wondeful people, China, their powerful neighbour, having  colonized  Tibet.

Thousands of Tibetans were impelled to exile to live freely their religion and uses. They found themselves destitute in India and Nepal, sole wardens of their rich and varied culture, an essential part of the world heritage.

30 years later...

Thanks to Annick's friends, moved by her telling of the precarious circumstances of the exiled Tibetan families, the association has developed.

Annick Dreano's annual visits  with  board members and sponsors allowed the establishment to be recognized for its help of children in schools and isolated elders. Le Toit du Monde also supports cultural and social initiatives held by Tibetan refugees organisations.

In France



Le Toit du Monde is operated by a board of 6 members presided by Annick Dreano. All functions Inside the association are entirely free and operating expenses are reduced to their simplest expression so that a maximum of the funds collected benefit to the association's aims.

In India


  A permanent secretary in Gangtok Tibetan Settlement Office's staf, Nyima Dhondup, is coordinating follow up of sponsorships and contact with families in Sikkim and West Bengal. In constant touch with the Tibetan authorities in the area, he allows Le Toit du Monde to be sure to answer real needs.

His salary and the driver Uygen's are taken in charge by Le Toit du Monde within Gangtok's settlement office's budget.

Our material means :

 A 4wd vehicle allowing visits to families in remote places, medical tours and annual visits by Chairman Annick Dreano and benevolent members  of Le Toit du Monde, some computor and office equipment.