Sponsorships have been the essential resource since the beginning. As elders are less numerous and the amount lower, sponsorships for elders represent only 8.6% of the annual resources in 2010, when children's are 60% of the association's rsources.

Sponsoring a child

With a monthly 25 euro, you will allow a child to attend a Tibetan school, get a daily meal and medical care.

A long term commitment is a huge opportunity for these exiled families. We ask the sponsored child or student to communicate at least once a year, with the school results.

Sometimes, a regular exchange between sponsor and  child may develop.


Sponsoring an elder


With 13 euros monthly, you provide an elder with daily food and medical care.


Most of them live alone, their chidren being either dead or exiled far away. They settled near the Sikkim/Tibet border since 1959, as they always kept hope of returning back home. They are getting old deprived of everything. Our help is essential. They are Tibet’s memory and tradition.


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donations, patronage, specific operations



They can reach up to 6% of the association’s resources. In 2005, the operation “a new school for Gangtok” allowed Le Toit du Monde to help the brand new school equipment. In the same year, donations by patrons together with our exhibitions’ results, made possible to build new sanitary premises in Kalimpong’s school.



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Handicraft selling exhibitions


You will also help our action by coming to our selling exhibitions .


Le Toit du Monde has no employee in France and it is run by volunteers. Over 90% of the gathered money are sent and used on the spot. For instance the sponsored child’s family receives the 25 euros of your sponsorship and elders the 13 euros given by members.


Our supports


Several city authorities support us by lending halls free for our exhibitions.

Our most hearty thanks to :


The foundation PREVOIR for financing the purchase of the car in Gangtok and later important projects in Pokryabong’s school.


The society Partner insurance Europe, for its great help in improving life conditions for the Tibetan community in Tezu (Arunachal Pradesh- India).


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