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 In or der to help this peaceful, standing together people, warrant of a millenial culture, Le Toit Du Monde chose to promote access to education and culture for most disadvantaged children until they become self reliant, and to help the elders, often most destitute, to survive.

 Sponsoring a child

It means to give him an opportunity to be dressed, treted, educated in a Tibetan school.

It means to give him a chance for a better future. 

 It means to take part in the safe guard of a rich and non-violent culture, heritage of Humanity.



Without any financial help, a great number of Tibetan children would never go to school. Being sponsored gives them a chance of escaping misery, receiving basic education and find a skilled place in the working world.



Safeguard of culture and thousand-year-old traditions of a country in danger of extinction. It can only be done  by educating children who represent hope for a Tibet in exile.

How are selected the children and who does it?

They come from the most destitute families. The submitted  cases are examined by comitees representing the Tibetan Government in Exile.


It means to offer him or her the possibility of food everyday, and open access to essential medical care.

It means to give time for passing the youngsters a cultural memory.

Sponsorship for an elder is not nominative, as its duration cannot be defined.

Most of them live alone, their children being either dead or exiled.


 They settled near the border of Sikkim and Tibet and, since 1959, have always hoped to go back to their country.

They are aging without any kind of rsources. Our help is matter of life for them. They are Tibet's memory and tradition. 


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